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Character: Adam Mitchell

Adam realises that if he'd read the blog he would have been able to foresee his future predicament.
Adam Mitchell is one of the shortest-running companions of the new series, so far, after only appearing in two episodes. The companion that was never meant to be, Adam joined the TARDIS only because Rose liked him, not because the Doctor wanted him! Adam was an English boy who worked with the alien artifact collector Henry van Statten in Utah, USA. After watching the Doctor and Rose confront a Dalek, Adam was curious about their other adventures and with a little help from Rose, persuaded the Doctor to accept him into the TARDIS. Adam's error however was to get a brain implant in the far future which could never be removed and so he was dropped off home again by an infuriated and unforgiving Time Lord. Adam later returns to confront the Doctor in the fiftieth anniversary comic Prisoners of Time, by the end of which he is officially named a companion!
Adam's short time on the show was always the intention of Russell T Davies and was included as part of his plan to revive the series. In the script writing phase Adam went through numerous character changes. He was originally planned to be the son of Henry van Statten but later versions of the script had him stealing medicines from the future to help his dying father so it could not be Henry van Statten. Eventually all of these ideas were scrapped in favour of the adopted story of Adam getting information about the future.

Portrayed by: Bruno Langley

Story List: Dalek (TV), The Long Game (TV) and Prisoners of Time (Comic).

Afterthought: Adam was definitely necessary to define for new watchers of the series what a companion should not be. Following his story into Prisoners of Time is rather scary if you think that it was actually the treatment that he got from the Doctor which turned him into a bad guy!

Companion Ranking: 1, He's the only one in contention so far!
Current Rankings:
1. Adam Mitchell

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