Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How It Works...

The Doctors!

I always knew reviews were something I'd wanted to write, but now I'd like to explain in some detail, before the first review is posted on this here site, how my reviews are going to work.

1. Summary of Current Events - I'll tell you a little bit about how the world feels about Doctor Who at the time of broadcast.
2. Synopsis - A short summary of how the episode starts to pan out. Don't worry though, I won't be giving away any spoilers.
3. Featuring - Which recurring characters feature in the episode and the actors they're played by.
4. Enemies - Which enemies feature in the story.
5. Afterthought - Anything I think is interesting to point out about the episode, especially if slight changes could have affected the future of the show!
6. Verdict - How did the episode score overall? I score on the basis of the story (how good was it?), the effects (how 'effective' were they?), the humour (how funny was it? Although I will try and put this in context of what the writer was trying to do with the episode) and Mark Campbell's verdict (taken from his book Doctor Who: The Episode Guide. Mark was part of the reason I wanted to do reviews because I felt some of his reviews were very critical.)
7. Elsewhere - Comments from other websites concerning the episode.
8. Next Time - What I'll review in my next post!

Enjoy the reviews! :)

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